Missons Conference.

November 1st & 8th, 2020.

That All May Know Him!

Philippians 3:10a (NLT) – “I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead.”


Our Missions Conference at PPC is going to look a little different this year! Because of the COVID pandemic, we’ve changed many of the components of our missions conference. However, the mission remains that same! We desire at PPC to pray, give and go so that all may know him!

Our missions conference goal is $130,000. The monies raised will go towards supporting local and global missions partners as well as several special projects planned for this upcoming year. We’re believing that as you’ve experienced the mighty power of Christ in your life, that you’ll partner with us in helping others experience that same saving power.


Together, we can reach our missions goal and continue to fulfil our mission to go into the world and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).

For more information, take a look at our Shared Funding Booklet.

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Get to know our Missionaries

Overseas Missionaries

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Hector & Ruth Aragon

📌 Guatemala

The Aragon's have been involved in ChildCARE Plus since 1997. The program benefits 17 schools and provides education for all age groups; each is linked to a local assembly. The Aragon’s host many short-term mission teams that assist with ministry programs, building projects and medical services. They teach and preach in churches and in classes for pastors and evangelists.

Get to know Hector & Ruth Aragon!

Ilya & Janet Bantseev

📌 Siberia, Russia

The Bantseev’s pastor a church of 1,000 people in Novokuznetsk. Their congregation ministers to people with life controlling problems and addictions, as well as to those in prisons and orphanages. They organize missionary teams to assist in planting churches throughout Siberia and share the gospel with a variety of professional groups.

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Sergio & Nancy Bersaglio

📌 Zambia, Africa

The ministry of Village of Hope brings "Hope for Today, Tomorrow & Eternity." The gospel message and discipleship are at the centre of all that is done. The care provided includes community-based education, health care and feeding programs. VOH operate homes which in turn, provide a safe place for orphans to live.

Get to know Sergio & Nancy Bersaglio!

Alejandro & Mercedes Cetrulo

📌 Uruguay

The Cetrulo’s have a fresh vision for Uruguay; a plan to engage in the ministry of reaching the lost, caring for the poor and marginalized, as well as providing spiritual and leadership training for people of influence.

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Peter & Patricia DeWit

📌 France

After 22 years in Thailand, the DeWits felt that the city is the most strategic place for Gospel ministry; from the cities, the gospel best goes out to the towns and countryside. God led them to Paris, where their desire is to serve the leaders of Paris, connecting and learning from each other as they build Gospel movements that will help the people of Paris rediscover God.

Get to know Peter & Patricia DeWit!

Christo & Sarah Emmanuel

📌 India

The Emmanuel's are the founders and pastors of Living God Church in the booming city of Chennai, India. Today the Church has more than 500 members and was born with a vision to see lives completely transformed. People have come to faith, communities touched, people discipled, and passionate leaders raised up.

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Gary & Marylka Empey

📌 Cuba

Gary works to support and equip the Cuban church to “Retain the Harvest” through pastoral education. A critical new ministry for Cuba is the 12-step recovery program, which is being used to train leaders in the local church and for a residential recovery center, both helping to break the cycle of rampant alcohol abuse that plagues the people and families of Cuba.

Darren & Patty McCrea

📌 Columbia

The McCrea's work in Colombia includes missionary training and church mobilization; this is training Latino missionaries, many of whom will be ministering in closed nations, and mobilization means organizing events like community and medical outreaches and raising up local Christians to serve. Their heart is to see Colombians reaching Colombians!

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Get to know Darren & Patty McCrea!

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Matt & Amber Price

📌 Thailand

Amber is the Coordinator of Emerging Leaders for Imagine Thailand, She will coordinate and oversee the various Emerging Leader Initiatives throughout Thailand. Matt is the International Coordinator of Relief and Development for Imagine Thailand, Matthew will coordinate and oversee the humanitarian efforts of the organization in partnership with ERDO and PAOC's international partners.

Deborah Sirjoosingh

📌 Turkana, Kenya, Africa

Deborah is called to serve Jesus in Kenya among the Turkana people in Loima. Her vision is to continue to reach the unreached communities in the Loima Hills with the Gospel, plant churches and disciple new believers. Her vision includes partnership with the Turkana County PAG church and Ministry of Health, to increase the standard and quality of health care.

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Adrian & Sharon Thomas

📌 Dominican Republic

Since 2004, the Thomas’s and EDMC have established a Bible Seminary along the north coast and completed 70 church construction projects. They are working on a community transformation project by building homes for families, providing education through TOOLS 4 SCHOOL, a scholarship program, and establishing the first ChildCARE Plus program in the Dominican Republic.

Jef & Renatta Walton 

📌 Village of Hope, Malawi, Africa

The Walton family is currently working at Village of Hope - Malawi (VOHM). Jef and Renatta Walton serve faithfully as the National Director and Village Administrator. In total, 285 children are currently supported through the ministry . Most of these precious children live in the high-density and low-income community named Kauma.

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Local Missionaries

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Regent Park Church

📌 Toronto

Church in Regent Park is a recent church plant that is striving to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the inner core of Toronto. The church is strategically located in an area that Toronto is attempting to revitalize. We believe that the church has a vital role to play in the communities spiritual revitalization.

Get to know Regent Park Church!

Danny & Ranette Foster

📌 Wycliffe

The Fosters are serving in leadership at the Canadian Institute of Linguistics, Wycliffe Canada's main training arm, at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. Danny oversees the training of linguistic missionaries for Wycliffe Bible Translators with language development and Bible translation.

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Trevor & Rebecca Gingerich

📌 Humber College

In 2008, Trevor and Rebecca planted The Embassy at Humber to help students discover hope, purpose and life to its fullest through the message, mission and living person of Jesus Christ. It is a place where students can gather to worship weekly, and be exposed to biblical teaching that’s applicable and pertinent to this unique stage of their life.

Get to know Trevor & Rebecca Gingerich!

Pregnancy Help Centre

📌 Durham Region

The Pregnancy Help Centre of Durham exists to demonstrate God's love and mercy, giving help to people who may be distressed due to pregnancy. We believe that life is God-created, begins at conception and is a very valuable gift. It is our intent to be available in times of fear or uncertainty with hope and care to families in need.

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Jeff Snow

📌 UOIT & Durham College

Jeff is active on the campus of UOIT/Durham College in Oshawa, coming alongside Campus Church, the existing student-led ministry. As part of the pastoral advisory team, Jeff works with two other clergy to support students in ministry and outreach to the campus. He speaks at on-campus services and events and meets with students for times of discipleship. Jeff has been committed to a "ministry of being there." 


Young Life is an organization that reaches out to teenagers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They target the 80% of teenagers that will never step foot in a church by reaching out to them in a high school setting.

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