Pickering Pentecostal Church.

Let's pray together! Stay connected by joining us for Corporate Prayer via Zoom. Our prayer meetings will be hosted by one of our Pastors and will be about thirty minutes long.
Email to request the link to the call!
Prayer for Salvation

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This Easter Season, let's pray for Salvations! Enter the first name and last initial of your friends and family in the box to the left, and join with us in prayer for their Salvation!
We believe that God saves, so let's lift up our friends and family together and trust that God will move in their lives this season, and they would put their trust in Him.
Please join us in praying that these individuals would come to know and understand God on a deeper level this Easter, and would accept Him as their personal Lord and Saviour.
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If you have a prayer request fill in the form and let us know. We will add it to our prayer list and start praying.

We will be praying for you!