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Reading Plan

Pickering Pentecostal Church.

GET FIT 2019

In 2019, we started a new plan for reading through the Bible. Pick up a copy of Get Fit 2019 at the Information Desk and read along with us.


Faithlife Reading Plan

We have been reading through the Bible since June 2015 with our monthly bookmarks. You will find instructions below for online access, and/or you can pick up a paper bookmark on Sunday with the readings for this month.

For the FAITHLIFE app for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire) please click here. Or download "Faithlife Social Networking" from your App store.

For the desktop web-based version of FAITHLIFE, please click here.

Joining the FAITHLIFE 'Group'

Please note you will need to register, and then join the FAITHLIFE group called "PPCLife."

  • In the app, click on the menu (top left) and choose "groups."

  • In the desktop version, you will be asked to search for a group as part of the sign-up process.


Joining the Reading Plan

  • On the app, you will be asked if you want to "connect" to the '2019 Bible Reading Plan' (choose "connect"). In January, the active reading plan will be "2020 Bible Reading Plan."

  • On the desktop version, you will need to click on "PPCLife" in the left side-bar, then click on the "documents" tab in the centre of the screen, then beside the '2019 Bible Reading Plan', click on the blue "actions" button and choose "connect."

Daily Bible Reading

When you choose "home" in the app (or "my FAITHLIFE" in the desktop version) it should now show you the Bible reading for the day. Clicking on it should open the Bible to the correct location. (In the desktop version, click on "FAITHLIFE" at any time to go back to the main page.)


One of the most exciting features of the new app is that we can share comments on what we are reading with each other.

  • In the app you select any verse, then select "note," choose "community," click on "my FAITHLIFE" under group and change it to "PPCLife." Then write your note and click "done." To see other people's notes, in the main menu, choose "community notes".

  • In the desktop version, when you are reading, on the left hand side bar choose the speech balloon icon, choose “PPCLife” from the drop-down list, write your comment in the box that now has “post to PPCLife...” in it, and click on “Post.” To see other people's notes, choose "community notes."

If you are experiencing difficulty with the app / desktop version, please feel free to email us your question.

Note: Some users have reported a problem where they can't access the readings after they download the app and join the reading list. In the meantime, please use the desktop version at If you are experiencing a different problem, please let us know or call FAITHLIFE tech support at 1-800-875-6467. (Known devices: Android devices, iPad2 and iPad mini; newer iOS devices seem to work fine).

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